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How To Foolproof Yourself Against Salesmen & Media Bias

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Over the weekend, we have released a new instant download, PDF report, “How To Foolproof Yourself Against Salesmen & Media Bias” at only US$4.95. In addition, we had set up a Facebook Group related to this report for those who want to discuss more on the topic.

Basically, this report is an expansion and rehash of the mental pitfall series of articles (some of which are still available in this web site) and written from a different perspective. This report is divided into two parts. The first part is the most important part- it expands from the common mental pitfalls ideas on this web site:

  1. Accuracy-Precision Confusion
  2. Anchoring
  3. Bigness Bias
  4. Confirmation Bias
  5. Correlation-Causality Fallacy
  6. Endowment Effect
  7. Herd Behaviour
  8. Lazy Induction
  9. Ludic Fallacy
  10. Mental Accounting
  11. Money Illusion
  12. Narrative Fallacy
  13. Overconfidence
  14. Recency Bias
  15. Status Quo & Loss/Regret Aversion Bias
  16. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  17. Survivorship Bias
  18. Turkey Thinking
  19. Wishful Thinking

The second part is on some of the common tricks employed by biased media:

  1. Context Twisting
  2. Headline Judgement
  3. Images
  4. Names, Titles, Word Choice & Tone
  5. Selection & Omission
  6. Source Bias
  7. Story Placement

This report is in the PDF format and the total number of pages is 50 pages. It is specially designed to look well as a slide presentation, which means the larger fonts will be easier on your eyes. That makes it an ideal e-book. You can also print this PDF report but we would urge you not to do so for the sake of the trees.

For those who had already donated to this web site, this report will be given to you free of charge. You will receive an email from us (sent via e-Junkie) with the download link.

Click here to get this report now!