Business Analysis

To be a good investor, one has to be good at analysing and evaluating the merits of businesses. As the book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing says,

Reason number one is because what we ultimately invest in is a business. If you invest in stocks, you are investing in a business. If you buy a piece of real estate, such as an apartment building, that building is also a business. If you buy a bond, you are also investing in a business. In order to be a good investor, you first need to be good at business.

Below are some of the books that can hone your skills in analysing businesses:

The advent of the Internet heralds the Information Age, which brings in radically different ways of doing business from the preceding Industrial Age. Unfortunately, the Information Age is relative new and many business people have yet to fully grasp and understand the implications of this paradigm shift. With the proliferation of Web 2.0 businesses (e.g. Digg, Youtube, Google, etc), how are we to comprehend the significance and viability of each one of them? Thus, we recommend this book because of its insights in helping us to understand the drastically different nature of today?s businesses in the New Economy.