What is this publication all about?

Contrarian Investors’ Journal is a web journal for atypical investors who are not afraid to think differently. Here, we believe that if you want to achieve excellence in your investment endeavours, you have to be prepared, from time to time, to go against the prevailing market trend with strong convictions.

That is, you have to believe that sometimes, the majority is simply wrong.

The reason is simple: if you invest in what everyone else is investing in all the time, then by definition, your returns will be average?just as everyone else?s return. In order not to be average and achieve results of excellence in your investments, you will have to invest, at times, in what everyone else is not investing in, long before they join you. That is, to be a contrarian investor.

To be a contrarian investor is not easy. You will have to have rational and independent thinking because the financial market is always irrational, emotional and over-reactive. You will have to have nerves of steel because the market is always out there to intimidate you with fear and induce you to panic. You will have to be the master of your own heart?s desire for riches because the market is always out there to bring out the spirit of greed in you and entice you with false promises of wealth. You will have to have strong and clear convictions because you will have to, at times, to take a stand that is contrary to the market?s stand?selling when everyone else is buying in greed and buying when everyone else is selling in panic. You will have to have the virtue of patience because unlike those who wish to get rich quick, time is indeed your friend.

Life is a series of journeys. Here, in the Contrarian Investors’ Journal, we share our journey in the investment world with you. You will get to read about our values, philosophies, beliefs, thinking, contemplation, observations and conjectures of what the market may possibly do in the future. But be warned: we cannot foretell the future in the markets?no one else except God can know what the future holds. We can?t promise you that we will always be right, for we are only fallible humans. So, if you disagree with us, feel free to voice them out with your comments. Only then, can we learn and propel each other to greater heights.

Come! Let?s join us in this journey!