Why should you read this publication?

How useful are the mainstream financial, economic and investment press in helping you in your investing endeavour? As you may have already suspected, the status quos and misinformation in the mainstream press hardly provide any value to investors.

Fortunately, here comes one of the rare few investment publications that dare to think outside the box, violate the status quos, challenge conventional views, criticise mainstream opinions and offer in-depth insights that are highly original in nature. Having said that, this is an investment journal not for everyone?its contrarian style of thought goes against the grain of conformist thinking and crowd emotions.

But in the long run, it is such kind of thinking that separates the legendary investors of excellence from the average. As Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, Rich Dad?s Guide to Investing, “Don’t be average!” you will not find the thoughts of the average in the Contrarian Investors’ Journal. Be warned?experience shows that not everyone can accept its thinking and sarcasm or have the patience to understand its underlying analysis!

But for those who want to understand how the best of the very bests investors think (and they think differently from the rest), this publication is highly recommended.