Advertising & Affiliates

This page was written on 20 February 2010. The below-mentioned policies would be in effect from that date.

For Readers/Subscribers

This online publication receives compensations from advertisers and affiliate partners.

Our advertisers’ and affiliates’ web sites are not part of this web site and are not subjected to our control or management. We will not have any liabilities or responsibilities for the contents of any of such web sites by such third parties. If you connect to any of such web sites, you depart this web site and do so completely at your own risk.

There are two kinds of advertisements:

  1. Advertising Networks – This web site serves advertisements from advertising networks (e.g. Google AdSense). We have no direct control on the content of the advertisements.
  2. Direct Advertisement – Advertisers sometimes pay for a space in the web site to display their content for a specific period of time for a fee.

Our affiliates pay us compensation to promote their products and services. Depending on the agreement with our affiliates, compensations are paid when certain conditions are met e.g. purchases made by our readers/subscribers, leads generated by visits, e.t.c. To alert our readers/subscribers of possible conflict of interests, articles that contain subtle embedded links to our affiliates will have the “Advertising/Affiliates” tag attached to them (this exclude links that can be easily recognised? as advertisements). Tags are displayed at the bottom of every article.

For Advertisers/Affiliates

If you want to promote your products/services through an affiliate agreement with us, please contact us. We will review your products/services and may decline/accept your offer on a case-by-case basis at our own discretion.

If you want to purchase advertising space for a specific amount of time on our web site, please contact us for a quote. We will review your advertisement and may decline/accept your offer on a case-by-case basis at our own discretion.

The rates will depend on:

  1. Format of the advertisement (e.g. text, image, animated image, full video) .
  2. Position of the advertisement (based on competitive bidding between advertisers vying for better ad placement).
  3. Whether the text links contain “nofollow” tags or not.
    1. Advertisements with links that contain “nofollow” tags are cheaper than the ones without.
    2. Advertisements with links that do not contain “nofollow” tags will be more expensive for web sites that have lower Page Rank. That is, the higher the Page Rank, the cheaper the advertisements will be.

Please note the following that advertisements that turn out to be fraudulent, spam, illegal, scam, e.t.c will be subjected to removal and the payments forfeited.