Shocking humour: Bridge construction, the Chinese way- just add rubbish inside the bridge

January 1st, 2010

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We often hear of China’s powerful government stimulus spending programs that helped to power the Chinese economy back into stellar growth when the rest of the world (especially the developed Western world) are struggling with the Great Recession.

Most of these stimulus money goes into infrastructure projects like bridge building. For example, as this Chinese article reported, in January last year, a bridge in Shanghai’s Henan Road was renovated. In less than a year, cracks started to appear on the bridge. Next thing, this is what happened:

Rubbish hidden beneath cracks of a bridge in Shanghai

Rubbish hidden beneath cracks of a bridge in Shanghai

So, in order to cut costs (thanks to soaring inflation), parts of the bridge were held together with glue and paste and padded with rubbish!

Elsewhere, in Sichuan province’s Jianyang city, a 40-year bridge was identified as a “danger” bridge after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. So, it was scheduled to be demolished. Miraculously, despite the brute force of 400 kg of explosives (in 2000 boreholes), that 40-year bridge hardly budged.

Such deterioration in construction quality over 40 years shows the hidden side of inflation.

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