Release of new book: “How to buy and invest in physical gold and silver bullion”

October 25th, 2009

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Finally, our book, “How to buy and invest in physical gold and silver bullion,” is ready!

We know many of you want to invest in physical gold and silver bullion but do not know how to get started. So, this book is written to help you get started. It is written for the complete beginner in mind. There are two parts to the book:

  1. Background information on the history of money, inflation, deflation and a correct understanding of gold. Although most of the materials in this part of the book are available on this site (it frequently quotes this site), they are scattered throughout in bits and pieces. Therefore, this book will present them in a consolidated and organised manner, which is most useful for the beginner. However, there are also some new material not found on this site as well as ‘enhancements’ to what is already freely available here.
  2. The second part of the book gets you started in learning how to buy physical gold and silver bullion. It has information on storage, forms of bullion, how to avoid the fakes, bullion coin specifications, a section on silver and tax tricks used by the rich.

In total, this compact book has a total of 81 pages. Our feeling is that some (or many?) people will find that this book is written quite concisely (with a few examples for the more difficult concepts), which means that every word counts.

In addition, this web site complements the book. From time to time, as additional supplementary materials are available, we will post an update on that web site. Also, our list of recommended bullion dealers will also be updated from time to time. So, you can subscribe to the emailing list (at the right side of the web site) to be notified of updates.

Best of all, if you help us sell our book, we will share 50% of the profit! Click here for more details. So, if you have a blog, web site, Facebook group page and so on, you can join our affiliate program to earn extra cash.

Finally, if you encounter any problems buying that book (both the e-book and physical edition), please let us know. We don’t expect any problems, but in a world of Black Swans, who knows? Also, please give us any feedback, especially the physical edition of the book- this is the first time we’ve outsourced to to print, deliver and process the sales of the physical book and we need your feedback.

Remember, at a time when gold prices are trending up, if you are investing in physical gold and silver bullion, you are a still contrarian (see Is long gold mainstream?) because the crowd are investing in ‘gold.’ So, why wait? Buy the book now! 🙂

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