Interviewing Michael Yardney for the upcoming property forum debate

October 2nd, 2008

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In Upcoming forum debate: ?Property 2009: Crash, Boom or Stagnate?!?, we announced that for the upcoming property debate on 15 October 2008, we will be ?inviting the various high-profile experts to this debate.?

We had already introduced Associate Professor Steve Keen in Interviewing Steve Keen for the upcoming property forum debate. Today, we will introduce an expert who is on the opposite side of the fence- Michael Yardney. Michael is a successful property developer and property investor as well as director of Metropole Property Investment Strategist. To get to know more about Michael, today?s article feature our short interview with him.

Please note that we do NOT take responsibility nor endorse his views. Therefore, if you have any disagreement with what he says, please take them up to him at the debate on 15 October 2008.


What are you currently doing in your line of work?

I am CEO of Metropole Property Investment Strategists, which has offices in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. I am still an active property investor and developer and as a property commentator my thoughts are frequently quoted in the press.

I am an author of 3 books and also publisher of Property Update an e-magazine with 40,000 subscribers

So, can you share a bit about your life journey that brings you to what you are currently doing?

I bought my first investment property in my early 20?s without a deposit and not really understanding the rules of the game. Then I built a multi million dollar property portfolio – in my spare time – property by property. In the 1980?s I got involved in property development.

If you were to give a concise advice to budding property investors today, what will it be?

Educate yourself but be careful who?s advice you listen to. Have hey achieved what you want to achieve? Have they invested in more than one property cycle? Do they have a vested interest in the advice they are giving you?

How will the current state of the economy affect property as an investments?

My view of the property market could be summed up simply as follows:

  1. I have very strong positive views on the property markets in most capital cities in the medium to long term.
  2. I am certainly aware of potential short term problems related to the credit crisis and poor market sentiment which means that…..
  3. You should be looking for a property at the right price, in the right location, with the right rental income.

Remember…as a long term investor, and that?s the only way to look at property as an investor, you can buy a property at any time in the property cycle as long as the fundamentals of the deal are sound. This year may be a good time to buy property – I have always found it a good time to buy when everybody tells you that property is a bad investment. Now is the time to get set for the future.


Property 2009: Crash, Boom or Stagnate?!