Website down! Again!

November 10th, 2007

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Yesterday, our website is down again (see Website down for a while on November 2nd)! If you visited Contrarian Investors’ Journal from 4pm onwards on November 9 (Australian Eastern Standard Time), you will see a “500 Internal Server Error.”

The website is down due to the failure of Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting. This is the second serious failure in the space of 1 week and we are highly disturbed by it. The reason why we left our earlier web hosting provider, Bizland, is due to the high levels of failure and lack of reliability. If this becomes a repeated issue with Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting we will not hesitate to leave this web hosting provider.

If our website is down again, please feel free to contact us so that we will know about it. If it is the fault of our web hosting provider again, we will seriously consider switching to a more reliable one.


P.S. Let’s do some math on Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting’s reliability. It went down at 4pm, November 9th. Right now, it is 8:45pm, November 10 and part of their web hosting service is still down (i.e. partially running at this time of writing). The last time their web hosting service went down was exactly 1 week ago. Therefore, in the space of 1 week, their uptime percentage is only 91.07% at the worst case and 95.8% at the confirmed best case (we were manually monitoring Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting’s service level). Given that the industry standard promises 99.99% uptime reliability, this means that Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting’s reliability is, as of right now, around up to 9% worse than industry standard. Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting have to do better than that!

P.P.S. It’s 12:45pm and other parts of the web site is still reporting an “500 Internal Server error” intermittently. It has now been 21 hours since this issue began. That made Yahoo!’s Small Business Web Hosting reliability statistic to be between 87.5% and 95.8%!