MarketClub 2 Week Free Trial

April 1st, 2010

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We will be clear from the onset: this post is basically a sales pitch for our affiliate partner at Market Club. Also, only those who are into trading may be interested in this sales pitch. Now, you know enough to decide whether to continue reading or not…

Okay, if you are reading this sentence, we assume you are interested in what Market Club has to offer. What is happening is that they are opening up the premium service for a no cost 2 week trial. There are 4 powerful tools available to members that you, as a free trial member, will have access to: Smart Scan, Trade School, Chart Analysis, and Data Central will be opened up just for you.

The other major bonus about this trial is that their, customer support team will be providing UNLIMITED support! You can call or email for a response to any question, comment or concern. They’ve added another support person (hired a month ago just to train her) to ensure that all calls and emails get answered as quickly as possible.

So, if you are interested to sign up, please click here.