The #1 reason why gold prices collapsed this week

October 21st, 2010

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  • Mel Jenner

    What a crock – not once did Adam even discuss why Gold prices “collapsed” this week, and he did not even address the market manipulation of the CFTC, Fed, US Treasury to help out the US Dollar. You are no longer what you promote yourselves to be, that is, the Contrarian Investors Journal. Bye

  • Richard

    Hey Mel, people like you who believe in conspiracy theories have no place here. Get out of here!

    For me, I appreciate what Adam has to teach about technical analysis.

  • Luce

    You are absolutely right Mel. Just a cheap slick promo for MarketClub’s TA spin. A spot of revenue for CIJ.

  • Richard

    Well, if you are not willing to pay or donate for CIJ, then you should shut up. How much have you donated? If you do not want advertising, then pay. Otherwise, shut up.

  • Harrington

    If you have the least bit of cow sense, you will be able to see Adam discuss ‘why’ gold prices collapsed from a TA perspective.

  • Pete

    Mel, Adam is only doing a technical analysis, not a macro analysis.

    People can take what they like from either. People do make a lot of money from pure technical analysis. It doesn’t cater for Black Swans though, and it can’t predict crashes or systemic crisis’.

    So take from it what you will. I found it interesting, but I much prefer the slightly longer-term macro approach myself, probably much like you seem to. No need to get upset though, there’s nothing dodgy going on here.

  • Bye Mel.

    You’re always free to leave. We have no obligations to you. Our priority is to serve those who contribute.

  • Matrix1981

    gold will never collapse mark my words

  • Horneylas

    besides what good is that chart when 1,000s of people know that gold is manipulated by jp morgan and don’t say its not because it is