A little trick to snipe profits from the market- “52 Week High Friday Rule”

February 16th, 2010

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Yesterday, we were given the heads up from our friend, Adam Hewison, of a little trading trick to snipe little profits from the stock market. That little trick is called the “52 Week High Friday Rule.” Based on statistical probability, there is little risk of loss with that strategy.

For those who are into trading, click on this link.


  • Pete

    Unless I am reading this incorrectly, you would be better off with a 'Donate' button…

  • @Pete

    We know there are quite a number of our readers who are traders who may be interested in this. And there are some people coming to us for trading advice. Since trading is not our area of expertise, we would prefer to refer them to our friend.

  • Pete

    Fair enough…but have you clicked the link?

    They certainly ask a lot of details for some simple advice.

  • @Pete

    Certainly! We have clicked the link and we like what we see. It's something we want to try for ourselves.

    If the amount of details required is something that bothers you, then we will give this feedback to Adam. It's something they have to know too.

  • Chuck Anderson

    Don't make it sound like an article, when its really an add.